Jigalong Remote Community School

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Jigalong Remote Community School is situated in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  It is approximately a 12 hour drive north of the State Capital, Perth.  Jigalong is an Aboriginal Community of Martu people from the Western Desert.  The people speak Martu Wangka as a first language and continue traditional cultural practices.

Newman to the west, established as an iron ore mining town in the 1960's is approximately a 2 hour drive on unsealed roads from Jigalong.  

There are 124 children enrolled this year at our school. There are 6 teachers at present, also 6 education assistants. We cater for students from kindergarten to year 12.

In recent years Jigalong became internationally known with the release of the film "Rabbit Proof Fence" which had its premiere in the grounds of our school in 2002.  The film dealt with the harsh realities of Government policies that led to the removal of Aboriginal children from their homes to be raised in various institutions in an attempt to assimilate them into white Australian society.  The film is an adaptation of the novel by Doris Pilkington, "Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence".