Welcome to Earthwatch Australia Teach Live for 2005

Echidnas & Goannas of Kangaroo Island, South Australia 

Principal Investigator Dr.Peggy Rismiller, University of Adelaide

In July 2005 seven teachers from remote areas of northern Western Australia joined an Earthwatch Institute Australia expedition on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

They travelled more than 2,500km from their home towns to join a research project investigating the lives of Echidnas and Goannas on Kangaroo Island. During their week on Kangaroo Island, the teachers were important members of the research team and were involved in all types of fieldwork including: - wildlife surveys for evidence of echidnas or goannas - trapping and identifying insects - observing and measuring echidna and goanna foraging activity - radio tracking animals - hunting for goanna nests and young echidnas This experience however was not for the teachers alone.

Their students were able to follow all the fun in the field via this website. They accessed lesson plans developed on Kangaroo Island by their teachers and having the ability to track their teachers progress through the My Highlights section of the website. They saw just what Kangaroo Island and all its inhabitants really looked like via the photo gallery.

About the Teach Live Program

The Teach Live program aims to engage students in science by exposing them to real scientific fieldwork. The program hopes to inspire young people to be enthusiastic about science. It is also an opportunity for students to share thoughts and ideas with one another; establishing friendships and fostering a sense of community throughout these remote towns. Students can communicate directly with each other and the teachers in Kangaroo Island via the forum section on this website. This allows students to effectively ‘talk’ to teachers and other students in real time giving the Teach Live program the flexibility to respond to the interests of students and the needs of the teachers.

Earthwatch Institute Australia is a not-for-profit research organisation that supports scientific field research by placing volunteers in the field to work with scientists to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

The Teach Live 2005 program was made possible through the generous support of Woodside Energy Ltd.